Back Like I Never Left

It’s been quite the journey.

I find myself to be the most motivated when I am in the lowest point in my life and/or when I hear enough stories of people who came from a similar scenario/background.  Actually, Black Panther really pushed me to get back into writing again.  Ryan Coogler is so dope! (He deserves a separate post.)

Anywho, I’ve always been one to apply myself to things that I wanted and believed was my calling.  Somehow I lost track of that as I took on this new role of “adulting.”  It took some time for me to realize what I felt I was good at or enjoyed doing.  (It literally was staring at me right in the face, but everything is timed the way it should be.)

WRITING IS MY SHIT! I used to write every day; poems, short stories, summary of my day; crush’s name, etc.  I somehow lost that as time went on and I got “busy” – whatever that means.  I have no idea why I never made time to write more when my sanity depended on it.

“What would you do for the rest of your life if you didn’t need to worry about money?” Okay, honestly I would just travel the world; who wouldn’t?! However, writing has always been therapeutic and the closest thing to weekly trips to paradise.  (Sorta.)  I think it’s time I really invest in this hobby that relieves stress and makes me a bit more sane.  Plus, I have yet to win the lottery… Maybe in the next lifetime.

So not saying I’ll be posting an entry every day, but I definitely will make more of an effort to share thoughts ideas.

Also, I just got the new MacBook Pro so I will be making use of it 🙂

– K

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